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2022.09.09   (Industrial News) CSIA-ICCAD 2022 will take place in GuangZhou on Nov. 9-10, 2022. CSIA-ICCAD (China)
2022.09.09   (Industrial News) DAC 2023 will take place in San Francisco on July 9-13, 2023. DAC (US)
2020.10.16   Find a Python web scraping excample in Article Page to get a feeling about Python coding world. Python Coding
2015.03.05   (Industrial News) Crowd-Funding for Taiwan's Own Fully Home-grown Hybrid Rocket, ARRC (Taiwan)
2014.10.08   Find Information About Free, And Yet Good Objects in Goodies Page.
2014.10.02   More Articles and Programs Are Released in Article Page and Software Programming Learning Page.
2014.09.14   Article Page Is Built.
2014.09.05   Start to Post HTML5 Examples on AdvTechLink.  Javascript Example
2014.09.04   Hot Term of "API Economy" Is Sizzling in An Open API Forum.
2014.08.25   AdvTechLink Web Site Is Built.