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72Joseph Ku2014.9.20 Something Learned During Trial of Coding An "XOR-based File Encoder/Decoder" HTML5/Javascript Program2014/09/26 20:12:29
71Joseph Ku2014.9.20 "XOR-based File Encoder/Decoder(Server version)" HTML5/PHP Program (Source Code)2014/09/20 23:31:42
70Joseph Ku2014.9.19 "Test Your PHP Code" HTML/PHP Program (Source Code) Due to Safety Consideration, It Is Only For Internal Use2014/09/20 23:33:59
60Joseph Ku2014.9.18 "Demo" HTML5/PHP Program (Source Code)2014/09/20 23:35:45
55Joseph Ku2014.9.17 Highlights of DAF 2014 Smart Retail Forum2014/09/21 12:26:10
52Joseph Ku2014.9.16 Highlights of DAF 2014 MCU Forum (Partially IoT-related)2014/09/21 12:24:03
43Joseph Ku2014.9.15 An Example of HTML5 Code Generated Based on HTML5/PHP/mySQL2014/09/18 23:29:46
1Joseph Ku2014.9.14 IoT, the Most Hot Buzzword in 2014 High-tech Market2014/09/21 12:22:37
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