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101Joseph Ku2015.04.30 The world is fast, an interesting article to read (in Chinese)2015/05/17 09:03:25
100Joseph Ku2015.04.29 Memo of security technology2015/04/29 23:02:28
97Joseph Ku2015.02.02 Notes taken while reading2015/05/17 09:07:10
96Joseph Ku2015.01.13 About internet business, an interesting book to read (in Chinese)2015/05/17 09:14:06
94Joseph Ku2014.12.17 An impression about 2014 CSIA-ICCAD, HongKong2015/05/17 09:06:10
89Joseph Ku2014.11.06 Notes taken at ARM Tech Symposia2015/04/29 20:56:39
80Joseph Ku2014.10.01 Notes taken at Intel IoT Asia2015/05/17 09:10:37
78Joseph Ku2014.09.26 PHP Object-Oriented Programming Simple Example (Source Code)2015/05/05 09:50:49
75Joseph Ku2014.09.21 Typical Use-Case of "XOR-based File Encoder/Decoder" Program2015/05/05 09:51:23
73Joseph Ku2014.9.20 "XOR-based File Encoder/Decoder" C Program (Source Code)2014/09/20 23:29:52
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